University of Virginia All-Female A Cappella

NOW That’s What HIT Calls Music!


Thank you to all who came out and supported us at our fall concert, and special thanks to AVP for guest grouping for us!!! I feel blessed every time I get to share the stage and make beautiful music with my fellow HITtas! This concert was another success as we channeled our inner ’90s divas, bringin’ it back to the days of NSync and Xtina! Missed any of the show? Fear not HIT fans, all of our concert videos are available under the “Media” tab! #whatever #asif #getthepicture #duhhhhhhh

Thanks again to Dave Dolak for filming!!! 😀


Rhody (Rhodelle) sings “Call Your Girlfriend” while we doom-ba and harmonize behind her!


“Just know you’re not alone cuz I’m gonna make this place your home.”
-the musical stylings of Katie and Kate-

Annnnnnd of course it wouldn’t be a HIT concert without shenanigans before the show and during intermission…



How many HIT girls can you fit into one restroom?



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