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Fall Concert This Friday, November 2nd!


HIT is stoked for our concert this Friday!!!! Feeling nostalgic for the era of boybands and Discmans? The ladies of Hoos in Treble feel ya! Sport your best flannel and come out to our 90’s-themed concert: NOW That’s What HIT Calls Music! We will be releasing our brand-spankin’ new CD, Chinese and Champagne so you won’t want to miss it!! Get the picture duh? Added bonus: The Academical Village People will be guest grouping for us!! Who needs NSYNC or Backstreet Boys when you have these superstars?!

Mcleod Hall, 8pm
Delicious baked goods and 90s-themed snacks will be available with voluntary donations…as well as a raffle for Arch’s gift cards!


We’ll also be raffling off one of our new HIT tanks!! They’re really something to TRYell about ya’ll!!!

Best Costume wins a prize!!


Visit from Villanova Spires!

Villanova Spires

We love mixing with our favorite Villanova a cappella group, the Villanova Spires! Above, the guys perform a Frank Sinatra number in their rep in front of Bank of America. They drew quite a crowd of listeners because really, what’s better than being serenaded by boys??

Check out and “like” their Facebook page:

Can’t wait to see you guys again soon!!!

Keswick Wedding Performance

This month we were asked to sing at the wedding of one of our group’s founding members. It was an incredible honor singing for Kate, who glowed in her gorgeous gown. The ceremony and reception were held at Keswick Country Club, and the view was breathtaking at sunset! Pausing between songs to chat with the HIT bridesmaids, we sang during cocktail hour as guests exchanged pleasantries and appetizers. We can’t thank the blushing bride enough for giving us this amazing opportunity. We’ll be hard-pressed to find another gig as meaningful. Best wishes Kate! HIT LOVE ❤

The beautiful bride had license plate centerpieces that signified important moments in her life. We died when we saw this one! 🙂

Four of our newnews pose by the reception hall after we sing!



Fall Roll 2012!

DAY 1: October 5, 2012


HIT girls assemble at the Bank of America parking lot, suitcases in hand. Kate reviews the itinerary, and we all pile into cars. I had the privilege of riding in a van with snacks and dubstep enthusiasts. Once you’ve heard a mash-up of Biggie Smalls and Andrea Bocelli, you’ve pretty much lived your life. Many thanks to Hope, the one above who looks like she’s  about to challenge the photographer to a rap battle, for introducing me to this genre.

After driving miles on miles on miles, we finally arrive at the University of Delaware to hang with the Ychromes!! As is our grand a cappella mixer tradition, we demanded a sing-off. They were reluctant at first, but we wouldn’t take no for an answer.


The YChromes absolutely KILLING Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around Comes Around!”


Being serenaded never gets old!

One of our new girls, Rachel Mink, is from Delaware and lives fifteen minutes away from campus (grounds), so her parents were wonderful enough to open their home to us for the night!

DAY 2:

The next morning, we woke up and were treated to a delicious Panera’s breakfast by the Minks! Did I mention they provided STARBUCKS COFFEE too?!? Yeah. They deserve their own statues or something. Before leaving for our gig, we performed three songs for Rachel’s parents, who teared up while recording us.


HIT poses post-performance in the kitchen at Casa Mink!

The next part of our trip was perhaps the most exciting! We had the privilege of singing at the wedding of one of our founding members!! See above post for more info!

That night, we headed down to Virginia Tech to sing with Juxtaposition! Tech might be our rival school, but we were able to set aside our differences and had a blast with the boys! It was a great opportunity to bond with our newnews, who were experiencing the wonders of fall roll for the first time.


Looking at everyone’s content faces, you’d never know it was 40 degrees outside.


Juxta sings for us!

After two exciting nights of a cappella shenanigans, the ladies of Hoos in Treble returned home with the idealistic goal of being productive for the remaining reading days. Some delayed this reality check and opted to prolong their car ride back!



Any excuse to get out of the car!!

I always enjoy chilling with these ladies, but this year’s Fall Roll exceeded my wildest expectations! Thanks again YChromes and Juxtaposition!!

You can check out their groups here:

Virginia Tech: Juxtaposition

Facebook page:

University of Delaware: YChromes

Facebook page:

Make sure you “like” their pages!


We Have New Members!


After a very competitive series of auditions, we are beyond thrilled to announce our five fabulous newnews!

From left: Willa Sweeney, Rachel Mink, Chantal Urwin, Melina Rapazzini, and Josceline Edwards

Welcome to the family, HITtas!! Make sure you check out their membership profiles!!