University of Virginia All-Female A Cappella

Springing Forward

Hoos In Treble was so glad to have such a great audition turnout this Spring, and we are so excited to hear our 7 callbacks tomorrow! We got a sneak peek at meeting the girls today at a brunch on The Lawn, which was a great way to match personalities to their fantastic voices!

However, even though we had a lot of talent come through, two straight days of 8-hour audition times meant that we HITtas occasionally had to find ways to entertain ourselves during the slower hours. What better way to enjoy the weather than playing guitar outside on The Lawn and snapping goofy pictures?

Rhody and Connor enjoy their time together.

Camille, our resident Rotunda Climber.

Mary and Aria on the Lawn. 65 degrees in late January? Yes, please.

Lizzy highlights the importance of dressing well for auditions.

Camille and Katie, obviously overwhelmed with anticipation.


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    January 29, 2012 at 2:21 am

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